Live Graduation Ceremony - July 29th

  • Nottingham In Person Graduation YouTube Link

    Hamilton West In Person Graduation YouTube Link 

    Steinert In Person Graduation YouTube Link 

    MON and THUR
    12:00 - Nottingham In Person Graduation
    2:00 -  Hamilton West In Person Graduation
    4:00 -  Steinert In Person Graduation
    6:00 -  Nottingham In Person Graduation 
    TUE and FRI and SUN
    12:00 - Hamilton West In Person Graduation
    2:00 -  Steinert In Person Graduation
    4:00 -  Nottingham In Person Graduation
    6:00 -  Hamilton West In Person Graduation
    WED and SAT
    12:00 - Steinert In Person Graduation
    2:00 -  Nottingham In Person Graduation
    4:00 -  Hamilton West In Person Graduation
    6:00 -  Steinert In Person Graduation 









    We are excited to announce that after much planning and effort HTSD will hold The Class of 2020 graduation for all three high schools at:

    Trenton Thunder Stadium on July 29, 2020 (rain date July 30, 2020)

    Each high school will have its own graduation with students sitting on the field and parents and guests in the stands. We will, by executive order and contract with the stadium, need to practice social distancing and abide by some health requirements (wearing masks) so tickets will be limited to approximately 4 per family. We are currently developing the seating chart and will provide additional tickets to families, if possible. 

    The Board of Education, district administration and building principals have been committed to making graduation as special as possible, given the circumstances and legal limitations. We hope that having a graduation on the field at Thunder Stadium will give our students and families a positive and memorable graduation experience that they will always remember. 

    We will post a thank you shortly to a number of groups that have helped us make this happen for our students. 


  • As you move on to your future

    Click on above image to view where our HTSD Seniors are planning to go in their future.

Virtual Graduation - Wednesday, June 17th

  •  Virtual Graduation Info

    Hamilton High West 

    Nottingham High School

    Steinert High School

    HTV BROADCAST SCHEDULE Monday 6/17 to Monday 6/22

    (HTV broadcasts on Fios channel 22 and Optimum channel 78)


    THURSDAY, June 18th  and SATURDAY,  June 20th

    7:00 PM - Steinert GRADUATION

    FRIDAY, June 19th and MONDAY, June 22nd

    1:00 PM - Nottingham GRADUATION

    3:00 PM - Hamilton West GRADUATION

    5:00 PM - Steinert GRADUATION

    7:00 PM - Nottingham GRADUATION

    SUNDAY, June 21st

    7:00 PM - Hamilton West GRADUATION


    We will have a virtual graduation ceremony on June 17th for each of our high schools that
    is closely aligned to the traditional ceremony normally held. This ceremony will involve our staff,
    our students, our administration, and our Board of Education just as our traditional ceremony
    would. Our goal is to stream each school’s “virtual graduation” ceremonies via school websites
    and through Hamilton Township TV. In the coming days you will receive specific information
    from each school about their virtual graduation ceremonies including how they will be streamed,
    when they will be streamed and where you may go to access the st


Senior Week - June 8 - 12th

  • Awards & Honors  

    • Monday, June 8th... Senior Awards Presentation Streams on School Websites and Hamilton TV 

    • Graduates will be invited to school for a drive through pick up of: Diplomas, Cap/Gowns, Yearbooks, other materials as well as a special senior “care package” 

    • Graduates will also return books, chromebooks and all other school related materials

    • Graduates will be provided a “Blank Sign” to be decorated at home which can be placed on the school grounds or at their home by June 14 

Senior Spirit Week June 11 - 17th

  • Class of 2020

    Spirit Week Schedule


    • Thursday, June 11… All of HTSD are encouraged to decorate their front doors and other home exteriors to honor our
      graduates…Please post pictures to our district social media accounts using the hashtag #ClassOf2020HTSD

    • Friday, June 12… All graduates are encouraged to decorate their caps and post pictures to our district social media
      accounts using the hashtag #ClassOf2020HTSD

    • Monday, June 15… All HTSD Staff members are encouraged to post messages and memories in honor of our graduates to
      our district social media accounts using the hashtag #ClassOf2020HTSD

    • Tuesday, June 16… All of our graduates are encouraged to post pictures and thoughts of their elementary and middle
      school memories to our district social media accounts using the hashtag #ClassOf2020HTSD

    • Wednesday, June 17...  All graduates are encouraged to post pictures of themselves in their caps and gowns as well as
      express their future plans on our social media accounts using the hashtag #ClassOf2020HTSD


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