Hello , my name is Donna McManimon and I have been a school counselor for 18 years at RMS.It is my pleasure to be your child's counselor! If I am assigned as your child's counselor, I will be their counselor for the next three years. Adolescence is a time of physical, mental, and social change. The teenage years can be both glorious and tumultuous times for many. I am   here to assist my students as they transistion from elementary to middle school and then from middle to high school.  I accept each  student as a unique individual of worth having academic, personal and developmental needs. I strive to maximize the potential of my students as they cross the bridge from childhood to young adulthood.   

    Here are just a few services available :

    • Individual academic, personal/social school-based counseling   
    • Conflict resolution   
    • Peer  mediation
    • Support groups (based on need) 
    • Set up parent/teacher conferences
    • I&RS referrals
    • Career planning/goal setting
    • Outside mental health referrals/resources                                                                                                                                                               


    Please do not hesitate to contact me at 609 631-4162 ext. 3567 if you have an questions concerns or if you wish to share pertinent information with me that may impact your child's progress at Reynolds.