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    Coping with COVID: 15 Car-Friendly Mindfulness Activities for Kids


    With Spring just around the corner and Summer soon to follow, you may be taking more road trips. Being mindful that we are still in a pandemic, here are some car friendly mindfulness activites to do in the car with the kids. Click HERE for the link!

    Thank you Rachel from Bankrate.com for sharing!



    Here are some great ideas of things you can do that are screen free! Click HERE!

    Family Bucket List


    It's fun to think about trying new things, setting exciting goals, and exploring interesting places! Gather together to create this 4-page poster and write down all the things you're looking forward to doing and learning.

    The Magic of Music 


    Submitted by Mindbeat, Kelly Deegan, ESS Clinical Coordinator

    The Disney Family Sing Along: https://abc.com/news/insider/watch-disney-family-singalong-on-abc-and-the-abc-app

    Luke Combs wrote a song titled “6 Feet Apart”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d9XjnV2iKA


    45 Family Holiday Traditions for 2020

    One of my favorite website, Big Life Journal, has rolled out an awesome list of 45 things you can do as a family this holiday season, pandemic or not!!


    Have an Elf on the Shelf? Click Here for some fun things you can do with your elf!

    Enjoy our virtual People of Character Wax Museum


    People of Character Wax Museum June 1, 2020

    Start Writing to a Pen Pal

    Pen Pal Kit for Children

    This PDF by Big Life Journal has some great printouts to help start a Pen Pal! Having a Pen Pal gives children greater perspective on the lives of others, increases their writing skills and teaches them the value of giving and recieving. If they don't want a Pen Pal, this kit is great to use for writing to friends and family members too!

    Pen Pal Starter Pack

    Create a Quaritine Time Capsule

     Time Capsule

    This PDF by Big Life Journal has some great printouts to put inside a time capsule to remember this time. Not likely we will ever forget but in 20 years or so, when you dig up your time capsule it will make great conversation!

    Quarantine Time Capsule 


    35 Fun Things to Do When Stuck at Home


    35 Fun Things to Do When Stuck at Home

    Click on the link above for some fun ideas! Information provided by goodgrief.org

    Family Photo Fun


    Submitted by Edward Watson, ESS Program Coordinator, https://www.effectiveschoolsolutions.com/covid19

    This activity not only gets us moving, but also helps with grounding through sensory experiences.

    A fun family activity can be to dig out those old photo albums. Spend some time together talking about the memories each picture brings up. Organize the photos, or even create digital photo slide shows set to your favorite music. This activity can become a family movie night, starring your very own family members! Make some snacks, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy.

    Stay-At-Home Activities

    Here is a PDF ducment of a ton of activities to do while staying at home! There are activities for all ages and things to do with your siblings!

    Stay at Home Care Package by Big Life Journal


    Family Fun: At-Home Scavenger Hunt

    Submitted by: Nomora Pearyer, ESS Clinician, https://www.effectiveschoolsolutions.com/covid19

    Take a break in your day, away from the computer screens and explore a bit. This at-home scavenger hunt is a sure way to shake up your day, move around the house and an easy way to find one item you have been searching for since last year! Great activity for all ages.

    How many of these items can you find around your house? Create teams, or go solo… who found the most?


    From the Hamiton Township website:

    Take a Virtual Museum Tour!

    Did you know the Hamilton Township Free Public Library has a Museum Pass Program which offers free passes to a number of great museums in NJ and PA?
    While we can't go visit these museums in person now, start dreaming and planning for future trips and in the meantime visit some of these museums virtually today...
    The Academy of Natural Sciences 
    Bucks County Children's Museum
    Garden State Discovery
    Independence Seaport Museum
    Morven Museum & Gardens 
    National Liberty Museum
    Museum of the American Revolution
    Be sure to also check out the Library's virtual tour page for more fun locations https://hamiltonnjpl.org/virtual-tours/ 




    INDEPENDENT GROWTH CHOICE GRID (as seen on Dr. Rocco's community update letter 4/3/20)

    The goal of the board is to encourage students to keep growing and learning, not just in school, but in their personal lives as well. Students are encouraged to try two boxes in each row. A caretaker (parent or guardian) can initial in the box when the activity has been completed.



    Free Gym Group Classes Online


    Parents and guardians! Are you missing going to the gym? YMCA360 online exercise classes are free! Click on the link and there are tons of exercise videos that you can watch on your tablet, phone, laptop, or TV! It can be a family fun time and get in shape too!