Ben tornati al nuovo anno scolastico! Andiamo avanti un po' alla volta...andra tutto bene!

    Cheating is a no-no....It is a betrayal of the teacher's trust if you try to pass off the work of others as your own or misrepresent your own level of comprehension. It is disrespectful to your teachers, and of course, it's unfair to your fellow students who have kept to the rules, given that your work may be ranked higher higher than it ought to be. It is also reckless, posing harm to you and your classmates as penalties for plagiarism are severe...teachers will often recognize it and lying when asked about it only compounds the problem and can lead to serious consequences. 

    If students are struggling with Italian, I am available for help as are Italian IV and AP Italian students. Please do not use the Internet for help as you will be handing in assignments with structures that we may not have covered in class. And THAT is considered cheating.

    Please reach out to me or my seniors and we will be glad to help.