• Hello Students and Parents/Guardians! 

    I understand these times of Remote Learning can be very difficult. To make it as easy for everyone, I made a google classroom for all my classes. On google classroom I will be updating lessons and assignments over this time we are remote learning. I will be using google meet this first week of school for all my classes and then transitioning into live streaming after the first week of school. If there is any issues or questions, please email me - abeyer@htsdnj.org

    Please enable google classroom notifications to be notified on any updates or additions to assignments or materials.

    Students are required to show up on google meet or live stream EVERYDAY at their designated class time. Attendance will be taken and monitored for all students. 


    Art Fundaments Google Classroom Code : 

    Period 1: wxcctcg

    Period 4: it5xpq6

    Period 5: gry7h5o

    Period 6: c7klnvz

    Period 9: mn4v646

    Mixed Media Google Classroom Code:  mld7gqd