Dear Pre-K Families,

    You should have received your child's remote learning packet. Inside the envelope you will find activities that your child should work on during our remote instruction period. All of the activities are a review of everything that we have been working on all school year. In your packet I also enclosed several documents that will help you in guiding your child during this time:

    • Fundations Cards/Routine: Your child is very familiar with this routine as we do it each day during our circle time.
    • Book Talk: This will be helpful with questions that you might ask your child in relation to the books you are reading together.
    • Week #1 and #2: This document will guide you in what is expected that your child work on each week. This document is broken down by day, and lists what activities should be completed.


    It is important that you try and create a predictable schedule and routine for your kids during this time. Children function well on a schedule because they know what to expect and what is expected of them. Making a schedule will help them break down the day into manageable, predictable activities that they can remain accountable for. Making a visual schedule using simple pictures is a great way for your children to always know what is coming next. At this age, play is an important component in their learning. I suggest allowing 20 minutes of play time( or whatever you deem appropriate) in between each of the activities that need to completed each day. 

    The following suggestions you may find helpful in creating routines with your child:

    • Designate a clean-up signal (This can be a song, a verbal prompt, an alarm on your phone, etc...) Make it a game at first and practice it with your child. Let your child know that he/she will play for 15-20 minutes before beginning work on a new activity. Remind them that when they hear the clean-up signal that they will need to clean up so that they can move onto their work.
    • Show them the activity that they will be working on and explain what they need to do. I know this may seem monotonous day in and day out, however the purpose is for the children to feel independent while completing the various activities and give them the predictability that they are accustomed to. 


    I know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but I truly believe that structure and routines is going to be extremely important for the children. 

    Please feel free to reach out with anything I can help you with. We are all in this together!

    Over the next couple of days I will be researching and adding links to the Online Resources tab for ideas of other things you can do with your child while they are home. I hope you find these links helpful! 

    Have fun, use what you have, and make the best of the situation.

    I am also working on setting up a Class Dojo for our class. It is my hope that this will give us an increased capability to communicate with each other via Class Dojo messaging. Look for your invitation to join in the next few days.  It should be text messaged to you when I have it up and running. This will allow us to be in direct communication if you have questions or just need to communicate something to me.


    *****Each Day's Activities will also be listed in the Assignments Tab****