• Remote learning:

    • Remote learning will take the place of the usual instruction. The teacher will be available for questions or concerns during office hours.
    • Every effort will be made to ensure that students are participating in genuine instruction to prepare them for independent study in their future educational and occupational lives. 
    • The following information will show directions for instruction as well as teacher communication

    Teacher communication: Mr. Ertz

    Email: Gertz@Hamilton.k12.nj.us - Please Email me if you have any questions or concerns about the lessons. 

    The teacher will be available on Google classroom during the office hours

    Office hours: 10am-2pm

    • During office hours I will be available to help students with the daily assignment as well as clear up issues with the remote learning or provide accommodations or modifications as needed

    Instructions about assignments

    • Students are expected to complete the daily assignment the day it is posted on the google classroom for that class
    • If a student needs help, they are expected to reach out to the teacher during office hours
    • If a student is unable to complete the assignment on the day it is assigned, the teacher must receive an email from the parent at the earliest convenience in order for the student to receive credit for the day
    • Students are expected to be prepared for any assessment that is to be completed apron returning to the building at the completion of the remote learning period.

    Important information:

    • Activities will be posted at 8 am every morning.
    • Students will complete the required reading 
    • Materials will be posted to the Google classroom  with the assignment.
    • Students should have received a hard copy of the text that we will be studying (Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, or A long Way Gone.)