• Hello to Ruby, Nyla, Jaxson and Kayden,


    I miss you but I am happy that you are still reading.

    Tap out the words as you read. If you get stuck, read the sentence and go back to the word. Then if you can't get it, ask someone for help. : )


     *Scroll down to today's date:


    3/16/20 -  Read the story, A Fast Fox. Vocabulary words: swim,  flapped,  anything 

    Read to find out what problem Andy was having.

    3/17/20 - Reread A Fast Fox, Then complete the Story web. * Answer check: What was Andy's problem? Scroll down for answer.

     3/18-3/19 - Read Billy's Pen. Vocabulary: pen (a cage or fence) for the goat, Billy. Also: didn't (contraction for did not), fix, fixed, needs, bigger  Find out: What dies Billy need?

     3/23 - Reread Billy's Pen. Then share by reading to someone else. What problem did Billy have? What was the solution? (How did they fix it?) Please find the words that are contractions. ( a short cut for two words)

    Next: Contraction writing: Find the paper in your packet with contractions/two words on a list with boxes to write the contraction. Please complete page. Use contraction cards for help.

    3/24 - Activity: Picture cards: Consonant clusters: gr and tr. Cut out the pictures and sort into two piles by listening to the beginning sound. Say the picture words to someone else. Can you create silly sentences with them?

    Read story: The Muddy Mess. New words: tires, everywhere, bike (magic "e" makes the "i" long), clean (two vowels together make the first one long), pails (buckets), two (the number, it sounds like too). Share the story with someone! : ) Find out what was funny about this story.

    3/25 - Reread: The Muddy Mess. Did you think the end was funny? Draw a picture of your favorite part and write a sentence ot two about it. (And/or finish assignment from yesterday if needed. : )

    3/26 - Read: The Red Pajamas.  Froggy lost his red pajamas! Make a prediction. Where do you think he will find them?  New words: pajamas, closet, basket, umbrella, shoes, trunk, piano, crayons

    3/27 - Reread: The Red Pajamas. What was funny about this story? What did you learn about Froggy?  (He had things hidden everywhere in his room) or ( froggy is very messy in his room. : ))) Write a sentence about Froggy and draw a picture with it. 

    Can you make a connection about the two stories we have read? The Red Pajamas. and The Muddy Mess?

     3/30 - Read Mother Sea TurtleVocabularyTurtle, beach, crawls, flippers, eggs, swimming, digging, deep, hole.  What is the genre of this story? (Non fiction)  Write one interesting thing you learned about Sea Turtles and illustrate it.  : )

    3/31 - Reread: Mother Sea Turtle.  Share it with someone else. Complete writing and picture from yesterday: One interesting thing you learned about Sea Turtles and illustrate it.  

     Wed. 4/1 - Please read 100 books today! Tee hee! : ) What day is it today? April Fool! : ) Begin reading Taking Care of Meli. Take your time. Tap out words you do not know.  Read with someone if you can.  New words: lucky, bowl, pretty, toothpaste, chicken.  Ron takes good care of Meli! How does he take care of her? 

     Thurs. 4/2 - Reread Taking Care of Meli. Share it with someone else. Then read the list of words with sl, cl and fl blends in your packet. Cut the words out and place under the correct blend on the sorting sheet. You may glue them on or save them in a baggie and play it again later. : )

     4/3 - Today, play the Concentration game with the pictures of the sl,cl and fl blends. Cut out the picture cards turn face down and play a memory game! Can you create silly sentences with the words?

    Welcome Back!  I Hope you had a nice spring break with family!

    4/13 - Again play the Concentration game with the pictures of the sl, cl and fl blends. (Cut out the picture cards turn face down and play a memory game!)

    Take a look at the new story, The Birthday Song,( to read tomorrow.) Look at the cover and some of the pictures. Willy went to the farm for his birthday. What animals do you see? Find out what the animals do for Willy.

     4/14 - Read The Birthday Song. Share it with someone else if you can.  What did the animals do for Willy?  Choose your favorite animal or part of the story to draw and write a few sentences about how he helped.

     4/15 - Reread The Birthday Song or read to somone else. Take time to finish/add to/check over your writing and drawing about the story.  Check for CUPS! Capital letters, Understanding, Punctuation and Spelling.

     *4/16 - Another Meli book!  Read Meli at School. Meli goes to school! She meets Karen a dog trainer. Make a prediction: What do you think she will learn? Look through all of the pictures first. Then read the story with someone! : )

     *4/17- Reread Meli at School. What did Meli learn? Did Meli like her dog school? How do you know?  Please wite an answer to one of those questions in a sentence or more. Draw a picture to go with it.  Save it in your packet. We love Meli!

     4/20- Monday: Please read, Pig's New Home. New words are building, wood, build, roof, and paint.  Pig did not like his old house, so he built a new one. Find out who helps him!  Tell someone about the story.

     4/21- Tuesday: Reread, Pig's New Home, to someone else.  Who helped Pig?  Pick your favorite part of the story. Draw a picture of it and tell what was happening in writing below.

     4/22- Wednesday: In your packet you should have two short word lists. Many of the words have "ou" in them.  The letters "ou" together make 2 sounds!  1. When o and u are together they often sound  like "ow" or the same sound as in "house" or "ouch" (what you may say if you bump into something or stub your toe).

    2. The other "ou" sounds like the "oo" in the word "wood", such as "should" or "could". 

    Play a game: Cut the words out and turn them over on the table.  Pick a word. Read it and use it in a sentence. Then put the words in two groups according to their sounds. If you get a word that does not have "ou" in it (Such as "I'm" or "inside") then you have a wild card and may take another turn! : )    Then choose an activity below:

     4/23 - You may play the "ow" game again (see 4/22) and watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWIXnIX9yY0

    4/24:  Super Fox!   The characters are Roxy, Andy, Mother and Father.  

    What type of story is this (what is the genre)?  Correct, it is fiction! : ) Good thinking! How did you know? Explain it to someone!

    See if you can read the story with someone! This story is a higher level : ) so take your time! Look at the picture before reading each page. I know you can do it! Tap out new words and have fun!   Read the first few pages to find out what problem Father and Roxy have.  We may finish reading on Monday.

     I would like to meet with my Second grade group on Thursday at 1:00. I will send a message to parents on Class dojo.  We will save the story Super Fox to read together then. 

     4/27 - Favorote Day:  Find your favorite story from your packets. Reread it!  Then retell the story to someone else. Draw a picture from the story and write two sentences about it. : ) 

     Tomorrow we will talk about compound words. Compound words are words made up of two small words such as rain +bow = rainbow!

    4/28 - Take a look at Andy Fox at School. Look at the pictures.

    Make a prediction: What is going to happen in this story? How is Andy feeling?  Have you ever felt this way?  We all have felt this way at times. 

    Read to see how Andy's feelings change by the end of the day.  

    Tell someone else about this story.

    4/29 -  When did Any Fox's feelings change?  Draw a picture from the story and write a sentence or two telling about it! 

    4/30 - I am looking forward to seeing you in our Google meet group. We will read Andy Fox at School together. When did Any Fox's feelings change?  

     5/1 - Dr. Gibson said Klockner students may have a Win day today!  That means catch up on anything your teacher has given you or choose an activity or game below!  Happy Friday!

     5/4 - Today is Special's Day!  Dr Gibson wants students to focus on the Special teacher's sites today.  No Reading Plans today!

     5/5 - Tuesday:  Draw a picture of one of the fun things Andy Fox did at School! Write a sentence or a few about what Andy is doing and/or why he felt better.

     5/6 - Wednesday: I look forward to meeting with you today at 1:00!  We will be reading a Raz Kids story, Hugs, together on the screen.   The meeting link is in class dojo. See you then!

     5/7 - Thursday: Today reread, Super Fox! You read the story so well yesterday!  This time read it to look for funny things. Do you think the author made it funny for the readers?  (Hint: Look at Father Fox). Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story and write a few sentences about it. 

     5/8 - Friday Funday: Go into Class Dojo to Mrs. Ruch's Stupendous Students and into Class Story. Listen to the story video;Build A Word. I read a story about making compound words!  The video is on Class Dojo.

    Can you write some compound words? Choose one to draw a picture of. Then you may try the game below!

    Try this game: Compound Word Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL7pz08ogHA

     5/11 - Today is Special's Day!  Go to your special teachers Sites! ( Art, Music, Gym and Library)  No assignment today. 

     5/18  - Mondays are Special Teacher's days. Please log in to a special teacher's site! Enjoy!  No Reading assignment today.

      5/19 and 5/20: Read the story, Backyard Camping!   https://www.raz-plus.com/books/leveled-books/book/?id=1816&langId=1  Go to Digital Preview. Click on either Read or Listen. Follow the words. Do you think those kids had fun?  Why do you think they wanted to camp in the back yard? Tell someone else about the story. What things did the kids get  for camping/  What did they forget?  : ) Re-read the story on Wednesday!  Draw a picture about the story and write a sentence or more about it.  Would you like to camp this way?

     5/12 - 5/15- Did you watch the video in Class Dojo of Mrs Ruch's story about compound words? If not you can scroll down to it today! It is past Dr. Gibson's and Mr. Hunter's messages.  

    Next, listen to a story read on Raz Kids about friends helping others. Are You Ok? Read to find out why thekids are asking this question. When you click on the link, Go to the yellow bar, Digital Previews and click on: Listen:  https://www.raz-plus.com/books/leveled-books/book/?id=2880&langId=1  Follow the words as you listen. Then do the Connection: Draw a picture of when you helped someone (maybe in your family). Write something about it.    Next: On Friday, try reading it aloud! : )

     5/21 - Hello Second Grade Readers: Today, I will see you in our group at 1:00!  We will be discussing some comprehension questions for Backyard Camping and starting a new story!  See you then!   Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

     5/26 - 5/29 Hello Second Grade friends: This week, Please read two new stories and draw a picture and write about it the next day. : )

    New Stories: Frog is Hungry Read to find out what frog is hungry for? https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?id=950&lang=1&type=book 

    and  I did not Give UpWhat did you notice about these children? https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?id=3398&lang=1&type=book   Drawing and writing activity is on the last page.

    Both stories have a similar theme. We will discuss it in our group

     6/1 - Today is Special's day. Go onto your special teachers' sites. Enjoy! 

     6/2 - 5/5 Hello: This week, Please read two new stories and draw a picture and write about a connection you had on the following day. : )

    I will see you in our group on Thursday at 1:00. 

    We will share our connections in our lives and with other pieces of literature.

    New Stories: Happy Birthday, Snag:  https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?  id=929&lang=1&type=book and Making Pizza:  https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?id=926&lang=1&type=book  Make Connections: Drawing and writing activity is on the last page.

    6/8 - Today is Monday, Special Teachers day! Visit your special teachers' pages.

    6/9 - 6/12 Hello Second Grade Readers: This week, Please read two new stories and draw a picture and write about a connection you had on the following day. : )

    I will see you in our group on Thursday at 1:00

    New Stories: Cleaning My Room, Level F:  https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?id=1936&lang=1&type=book  and Friends in the Stars: https://www.raz-plus.com/projectable/book.php?id=1176&lang=1&type=book

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page to also find some fun Reading games to play!  : )



    Hello to my wonderful Second Graders!


    6/15 -  Today is Monday, Special Teachers day! Go to your special teachers' pages. Enjoy!


    *6/16 - This is the last week of school with a special event on Wednesday (Klockner Drive Through- See Class Dojo) and a half day tomorrow- your teacher’s have a special zoom planned for your class!

    There will be no further Title 1 assignments!  Happy Summer!  <3


    You may visit this site over the summer to reread stories, watch and sing along with the videos or play the games!  Please do so often!  I will be thinking of you! <3

     Also Raz Kids and IReady will be avaiable to students over the summer to contine reading great stories over the summer and keep your sklills sharp!


    Goodbye for the summer!  : ))))))))))))))))



     Reading Activities:

    Try this game: Compound Word Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL7pz08ogHA

    And Compound Word Fish: https://www.education.com/game/compound-word-fish/ 

    Then * Try another activity if you like: Rhyming words and Exercise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSPmGPIyykU 

    Also Sight Word Rap #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebGBO3mBwM&t=136s 

    Or try this fun Sight word gameTry out this link, https://www.education.com/game/jump-in-sight-word-mud/ This reviews Sight words/ Trick words, (perfect for independent practice)! 

    Or a starfall activity about the letter y: https://www.starfall.com/h/ltr-pc-y/my-family/?sn=ltr-classic


    Other Starfall games and Learning videos:

     Starfall Vowel team words: https://www.starfall.com/h/ltr-pc/vowel-teams/?sn=ltr-classic

     You can also log onto starfall if you like:https://www.starfall.com/h/ltr-pc/chunking/?sn=ltr-classic Chunking words. 

    Games/Activities will be changed each week until all have had a chance to try the above listed ones.

     Or review Sight words with Sight Word Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebGBO3mBwM&t=136s 

    Or Next Level Sight Words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG7RIx3ivzs


     *You may also read your Lending Library book! (For ex: Kayden is reading, Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Suess

     or  https://www.starfall.com/h/ltr-classic/?mg=m   Surfer Girl with bossy "r "controlled vowels and/


     3/17/20 - Problem: Andy was trying to do what the other animals could do, (instead of doing what is right for him)!  Solution: Andy needed to find his own special talent!   What is your special talent?


    Happy reading!

    Mrs. Ruch <3