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Remote Learning 2020

Please go to Google Classroom (through Clever) to find all assignments.

How to assess Clever, Google Classroom, and other school apps

1. Go to Kuser's homepage 

2. Click "For Students" at the top of the page. Click on Clever-District Online Applications Portal

3. Click "Log in with Google" and enter your child's Google email address and password.

4. Scroll down until you see the Google Classroom icon. Click on it. 

5. Read the message from your teacher and complete the list of assignments. All the links/websites needed for lessons will be in the Clever Portal.


-Establish a quiet space in the home where they can work.

-Have your child follow work deadlines established by their teacher. 

-All students have access to Google Classroom through Clever with their Google accounts.

-Talk with your child about the remote learning they did each day.

-Discussions can be about the assignment, the task, activity they worked on, and what they will be working on the next day.

-Look for updates from your child's teacher(s), school, and the district.

-You can email the teacher directly with any questions, concerns, or issues with the assignments.

-In addition to the packets that were given, if a child has computer access he/she can log on to the lessons that are posted in Google Classroom or visit the websites that are listed on Mrs. Murkli's Classroom Resource Page. 




How do we hand in assignments?

All assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom. Make sure to check the Weekly Assignment Calendar.

Does my child have to do any activities for their specials?

Yes. Please click on their teacher webpage for more information.

How can my child communicate with you if they have a question?

The best way to reach me and communicate about assignments specifically is through Google Classroom.  You can also email me at or send me a message through Class Dojo. During non-school hours I will respond back to you as soon as I can.   If you do not have the link, please let me know and we can set you up.

My child is really struggling with an assignment, what should they do?

 This is new to all of us.  I know it is very different and sometimes quite difficult when I am not in front of your child teaching.  I would first look at my Google Site. There are a ton of links each day on my assignment and classroom resource page that may be able to assist you and your child.  Try your best and take some educated guesses. The only thing that I ask is for your child to keep up with their school routine.  We do not want your child to lose all the wonderful skills they gained thus far.