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    The Mindful Jar


    Submitted by Jessica Spar, ESS Clinician, https://www.effectiveschoolsolutions.com/

    This activity can teach children how strong emotions can take hold, and how to find peace when these strong emotions feel overwhelming.

    First, get a clear jar (like a Mason jar) and fill it almost all the way with water. Next, add a big spoonful of glitter glue or glue and dry glitter to the jar. Put the lid back on the jar and shake it to make the glitter swirl.

    Finally, use the following script or take inspiration from it to form your own mini lesson:

    “Imagine that the glitter is like your thoughts when you’re stressed, mad or upset. See how they whirl around and make it hard to see clearly? That’s why it’s so easy to make silly decisions when you’re upset – because you’re not thinking clearly. Don’t worry this is normal and it happens in all of us (yep, grownups too).

    [Now put the jar down in front of them.]

    Now watch what happens when you’re still for a couple of moments. Keep watching. See how the glitter starts to settle and the water clears? Your mind works the same way. When you’re calm for a little while, your thoughts start to settle, and you start to see things much clearer. Deep breaths during this calming process can help us settle when we feel a lot of emotions” (Karen Young, 2017).

    This exercise not only helps children learn about how their emotions can cloud their thoughts, but it also facilitates the practice of mindfulness while focusing on the swirling glitter in the jar.

    Try having the kids focus on one emotion at a time, such as anger, and discuss how the shaken settling glitter is like that emotion.