• Accessing Google Meets:

    Every morning we will meet at 9:00 AM on Google Meet. Please make sure the kids are logged on to their Google Accounts or it will not work.  

    Have your son or daughter log on to Clever each morning. You can find Clever by logging on to: 


    click on Resources

    scroll down to "For Students"

    click on Clever - (it is the first one listed under "For students")

    The students may use their Clever Badges to scan on or they can "log on through Google Account" and type in their Google password that was sent home during the Beep and Greet.

    Once they are on Clever, have them click on "L.Chiappetta's Page", you will find the green Google meet icon (it looks like a camera). Click on that to join the meet

    Type in the nickname "Kist 2C" to join the meet. Make sure you allow access to the camera and audio.

    Remember we will meet every morning at 9:00 AM to have a Morning Meeting and discuss the plans for the day. During this meet the kids will be told what we will be working on and what time Live Streaming will occur. I am working on a schedule now to send home to all of you. This schedule should not change.


    On Clever: 

    Clever will be used to access all of the quick links needed for Remote Learning and Hybrid instruction.  They used this site last year. Once they are on Clever, have them go to "L.Chiappetta's page".

    Here they will find the quick links needed for all instruction.

    We will be completing assignments on the following links. Please note that we will NOT use all of these Links EVERDAY. Please reference the Class Dojo story to see what their assignments are and the links used for the day:

    -Seesaw (all subjects)

    -Raz Kids (Reading)

    -XtraMath (fact practice)

    -Prodigy (Math)

    -ThinkCentral (Math)

    -i-Ready (Math and Reading)

    -Epic Books (Reading)

    -Spanish access



    We are sending home all of the sign in pages and links to access as well. (These went home during the Beep and Greet)

    All assignments for the day will be listed on the Class Dojo each morning by 8:30AM


    Key Words to know:

    Asynchronously: work that is done independently on any of the sites listed about

    Synchronously: live meets with the teacher. Teachers will send you times to be logged on for lessons that are live

    Live Streaming: students will be able to see me and listen to the lesson but they will NOT be able to ask me questions or talk to their classmates

    Google Meets: a meeting where we can communicate with each other in small groups, ask questions and participate with the teacher and classmates. Google Meets will require a "nickname" for you to access.  Ours is KIST 2C

    Platforms: are websites and links for class work and independent work