• Good evening and welcome to fourth grade, parents!

    I am so excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher! I amlooking forward to getting to know your son/daughter and yourfamilies. This school year will be different and unlike any other, butI can’t wait for the opportunity to make the time I have with yourchild the best it can be!

    As we begin this new school year virtually, I understand howconfusing and overwhelming this can be for parents and students.To be completely honest I feel the same way! Since we are in suchunique circumstances this school year, I feel that it is important totake things one step at a time in an effort to eliminate feelingoverwhelmed.

    Tonight, the only information I will be sharing with you is about ourvirtual meet and greet tomorrow, and the first day of school. I hopethis will help answer some of your general questions as well as avoid some confusion as we begin our first week of school. Noneed to worry about anything past the first day of school quite yet,more information will come as it is necessary!

    Friday, September 4th: Virtual Meet and Greet!

    • Log in from 3:00-3:30 for this event! I can't wait to see so manysmiling faces.
    • How do I log in? The Meet and Greet will be held on GoogleMeet. In order to join the live meeting, your child will first have tojoin our Google Classroom. In order to do that, have your child loginto their Clever accounts from last year. Then, have them click onthe Google Classroom App. When they do that, they should seean invitation to join our classroom. Once they enter the classroom,they will be brought to our classroom page which will have a linkat the TOP LEFT corner. This link is a unique link that will only bevisible to students in our class. At 3:00, they should click on themeet link to join the meet and greet.
    • Bring your questions, a fun or interesting thing to share aboutyour summer, and a SMILE : ) I can’t wait to “meet you!”

    Tuesday, September 8th: First Day of Fourth Grade!
    *It is one of my favorite days of the year! Let’s have some fun anddress up and take the traditional first day of school picture toshare with one another via DOJO. Remember class spirit activitiesare not mandatory, but are highly encouraged as they promote asense of community while remote. Be on the lookout for my firstday of school 2020 picture!
    *What should I expect? When do I log in? How do I log in?Students will log in to our GOOGLE MEET the same way they arelogging in for the Meet and Greet (By clicking on the top left linklocated in Google Classroom). Here is our schedule for the day:

    • 8:40-9:00 am Prep time! (Get your technology and work spaceready for the day. Make sure you have joined our googleclassroom and can locate the Google Meet link to join our livemeeting at 9:00. Keep in mind, you will not have access to enterthe live meeting until I activate the meeting. This means if you tryto enter the meeting earlier than 9:00, you might not be able toenter right away.)
    • 9:00 am-10:20 am This is when students should log into the livemeeting! (Welcome/Introductions/Morning Meeting/Team BuildingActivity)
    • 10:25 am-11:00 am ART
    • 11:00 am-11.50 am Daily Structure (Routines, Procedures,Expectations and Questions)
    • 11:50 am-12:25 pm Brain Break
    • 12:35-1:10 4th grade lunch period
    • 1:10-1:15 Closure Meeting and Dismissal

    More information about academics, full day schedule, specialtyclass schedule, etc. will be shared in the days to come. For now,let's just focus on successfully logging into the Meet and Greetand first day of fourth grade.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out! It's best way to contact me is through Dojo or to email meat crich@htsdnj.org.

    Be well! See you all very soon!!