• Tomorrow's Teachers

    This course is an elective course for all students who want to be a teacher or involved in education.  This exciting course allows students to experience the learner, the teaching profession, and the classroom.  We will first look at learning styles and needs as well as different types of learners.  Students will reflect on their own learning styles and be introduced to different forms of learning.  After, we will focus on the teaching profession and explore the history, ethics, effective teaching methods, and the typical days of being a teacher.  Students will get to experience this first hand when they observe in different schools such as Klockner, Crockett, Morgan, Mercerville, and Kuser.  This first hand experience with another teacher will allow students to ask questions and see a different perspective.  Eventually, we will discuss the classroom and students will get the opportunity to prepare and teach a lesson in the class they were assigned.  This is a great opportunity for students to experience and learn how to become an educator and students will rely on eachother for support as well as myself.  There is also a dual credit opportunity with Kean University for students to earn some college credit.

    All of this information will be provided to you and explained in further detail.

    To start the school year, we will be utilizing a remote learning schedule from September 8th - October 9th.  The schedules were sent out and should be updated on the calenders. 

    On October 12th, we will begin hybrid learning.  More information will be brought up as this date gets closer.

    Because of this, we will be utilizing Google Classroom.  Students are required to be on the Google Meet during the scheduled class periods and complete assignments through Google Classroom.  


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