• Syllabus

    Art Fundamentals

    Class Rules: 

    1.) Respect — for yourself and others, as well as personal and shared space.

    2.) Responsibility — for your personal belongings, deadlines, making up missed work, and 

    understanding and following directions. 

    3.) Citizenship — participating in class discussions and critiques; cleaning up for yourself and 

    helping others, as needed; starting class on time; not interrupting set up, clean up, or critique 


    4.) Phones / Digital Device Usage - Phones, etc.  are not permitted in class. They should be stowed in your bag or other personal and secure space. The first time a phone/device comes out, I will kindly ask you to put it away as a one time courtesy. Subsequently, I will ask you to surrender your phone for the remainder of the period and/or take further action as per the new phone policy, which may include detention, a phone call home and/or disciplinary action taken directly to an administrator. 

    At some point in the school year, we may use phones in class for educational purposes only. In that case, if it becomes known that you are not using the technology in the way it is intended, then the above policies will take effect.

    5). Restroom / Hall Pass Policy - No passes will be given for the first and last 10 minutes of class (as per the school policy). Students must use their handbook or a pink hall pass to leave and sign in / out outside of Restrooms. Leaving the classroom without teacher permission will have a consequence.

    6). Class Procedures

    BEGINNING OF CLASS - students should retrieve current projects, supplies and sketchbooks IMMEDIATELY when they arrive in the classroom. Students must take their work out at the beginning of class and begin working.

    CLASS WORKING PROCEDURES - students should continue working until clean up time (5 minutes before the end of class) or until the teacher says otherwise. 

    END OF CLASS - students should begin to clean up 5 minutes before the bell - no earlier. When finished cleaning up, students MUST RETURN TO AND SIT IN THEIR SEATS UNTIL THE BELL RINGS. DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR OR GO NEAR THE DOOR. Don't worry, you will still get to your next class on time!


    Attendance and School Rules - school rules and attendance policies will be followed as per the Spartan Handbook. Please read the rules and abide by them.

    Attendance is an important part of this class. Your attendance will be recorded every day on PowerSchool. All projects are completed in class; therefore you need to be here to work on them. Again. no one may leave the room the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class. 

    Bathroom trips should happen during passing time, your lunch period, or occasionally during class. 

    Lates - Starting at 3 lates, consequences will be given which will affect your school standing and privileges. This may ultimately have a negative effect on your grade. 

    Absences – Other than approved medical absences, students will not be given extra time to make up work. If the Attendance Office does not approve a medical absence, a doctor’s note will count as an excused absence. At 19 absences (or 4 cuts) you lose credit for the course & will have to repeat it. 


    The more effort you put into this class, the more you will get out of it. You are encouraged to create art in the relaxed environment of the art studio and are expected to open your mind to new ideas and techniques. The creative process and self-directed problem solving will be stressed. It is your responsibility to participate in all aspects of the class as we explore, sketch, brainstorm, create, edit, reflect, and critique. Work is hands-on, visual, verbal, and written. Our class is inclusive of all students. You do not need to be best friends with everyone, but all views must be respected, voices must be heard, and progress must be valued. We will all learn from each other. Respect, independence, and interdependence are integral.

    Water bottles are authorized. It is important to stay hydrated for optimal health and learning. Otherwise, food & drink should not be taken out in class and may be confiscated. Please eat breakfast to optimize your daily performance. Breakfast is the tastiest meal of the day IMHO.


    Contact Information

    1.) Reach me via email: fbardachino@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    2.) Stay informed by checking PowerSchool for grade information.


    Homework — Most work will be done in class. Occasionally, students will have homework — typically a request for a reference photo printout or finishing work when not keeping up with our class routines. 


    Presentation: Part of artistic creation is sharing. We will work individually, in small groups, 

    and in large groups. Work will be exhibited online, in school, at art shows, and as contests 

    entries. We participate in several art celebrations: Youth Art Month—local, county, & state; 


    Steinert Art shows; Congressional Art Show; and Teen Arts Festival. Much of the student work will be kept in the classroom until the end of the school year so it can be considered for these events. Students should photograph their work and keep a digital portfolio on Google Drive. 

    Grading Policy

    Summative Assessments (SA), 50% — Project work (graded by these variables: Aesthetic, Craftsmanship, Creativity, Work Ethic), Occasional Written Tests, Presentations

    Formative Assessments (FA), 40% —Verbal Critique, Sketchbook Journal, Handouts / Worksheets, Drawing Challenges

    Individual Practice (IP), 10% —Do now, Brainstorming, Sketches, Technique Practice, Homework, Substitute Assignments, Drawing Challenges

    NOTE 1: Students must complete all required work in order to get credit for extra work. If you are struggling to understand or complete an assignment, see the teacher promptly. 

    NOTE 2: Late work is accepted but will receive a 10-point (one letter grade) deduction per day.

    If you are absent or falling behind in work, see the teacher promptly. 

    NOTE 3: Grades are available on PowerSchool. Students should check progress at least once 

    a week. If you cannot log into PowerSchool, ask your Guidance Counselor for assistance. 




    Supply List - Art Fundamentals required supplies:


    -9”x12” heavyweight spiral-bound sketchbook <---- MOST IMPORTANT ITEM - we will be using sketchbook extensively throughout the year. 100+ sheet - bigger is better.



    -paintbrushes (assorted)

    -paint palette with cover 

    -3 Fine Point black Sharpie markers

    -3 Ultra Fine Point black Sharpie markers

    -Storage pouch - clear mesh zip pouch 

(Dick Blick item #16974-2013 or similar) or

    -3-5 Gallon size Zip-Loc-style storage bags


    Optional (highly recommended):

    -24 or 48 pack of colored pencils (quality matters here)— Prismacolor brand highly recommended

    -Assorted Colors Markers Multipack (Fine Sharpies, Bic or similar

    -drawing pencils(4H, HB, & 2B or set)

    -kneaded erasers


     *Supplies may be purchase online or at a store (Jerry’s Artorama, Dick Blick, AC Moore, Michaels, Amazon). (CHECK DOLLAR TREE FIRST for hand tools) Price compare & use coupons. 

     **Old or gently used supplies /tools are great. No need to buy more if you already have some supplies at home. Let the teacher know TODAY if you cannot purchase or procure supplies.