• Applied Technology 7

    In Applied Technology 7, students will analyze problems in the real world and collaborate to create solutions.  Students will be encouraged to solve problems using the engineering design process and utilizing technology, coding, drawing, sketching, and measurement resources.

     Students will explore:

    • Scratch Programming;

    • Design Projects;

    • Website Design;

    • Robotics;

    • Teacher choice projects.

  • Reminders:

    1. Be prepared each day with your Applied Technology materials. (Pencil/Pen, Student agenda, Journal).

    2. Keep your journal organized throughout the school year.

    3. Grading Policy: 50% Summative (Tests, Projects, Notebook Grade), 40% Formative (Quizzes, Comprehension Questions, Writing Pieces), Independent Practice 10% (Homework, Class Participation).

    4. Late Policy on Assignments: One day late: 10 points taken off. Two days late: 20 points taken off. After that, the assignment will not be accepted. *Exceptions will be made for specific scenarios.