• Birthday Treats

    Due to allergies, these are the only snacks that will be permitted as birthday treats. This list comes from the snack safety guidelines. We have 19 students in our class this year. Feel free to send your child in with a small craft instead of a snack, if they would prefer that. Thank you for your cooperation! :)


    • Water Ice (Luigi's or Marino's)
    • Goldfish (pretzel or cheddar)
    • Cheez-Its
    • Potato Chips (Lay's Classic or Herr's)
    • Pretzels (Bachman, Rold Gold, Utz, or Philly Pretzel Tray)
    • Popcorn (Utz, Wise, Bachman, or Smart Food)
    • Tortilla Chips (Utz or Tostitos)
    • Original Rice Crispy Treats (Please only send prepackaged and not homemade.)