•                                                   Homework

    Homework Policy: Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Homework will only be given on the weekend if your child needs to make up missed assignments, needs to study for an upcoming test, or needs to work on a special project or report. Homework will be written in your child's agenda each night. Please check and sign agendas each night in order to ensure your child is completing homework assignments. 

     Math Homework: Students will be assigned math homework Monday through Thursday. This homework is meant to help your child practice and reinforce skills learned in school. If your child is absent and is unable to make up work during school, he or she may be asked to do so over the weekend.

     ELA Homework: Each Monday, students will be given a paper with a reading choice board. This assignment will be due each Friday. Students are asked to complete three of the sixteen tasks on the choice board throughout the week. As your child completes a task, he or she should mark it off. Please check and sign the bottom of the paper before your child brings it back to school. Some of the options on the choiceboard require your child to read with a family member. Reading and discussing a story with your child is a great way to show him or her that reading can be fun! :)