Connecting with the Classroom

  • Remind 📢


    Click Here to Find Out How to Sign Up for Remind

    Codes to Join Remind

    [NOTE: Make sure you select the right class!]

    Period 1: @cc3c2e

    Period 2: @gggf3a

    Period 5: @b8bf98

    Period 6: @d426df

    Period 7: @kg3ah8

    Period 9: @73ce66



  • PowerSchool 🏫

    PowerSchool is the digital gradebook used at Steinert High School for all of your child's classes. Please sign up for PowerSchool, so you can check your child's grade and upcoming assignments anytime you want!

    Click Here to Find Out How to Sign Up for PowerSchool

  • Google Classroom 👩‍🏫

    Google Classroom is where your child will submit most of his/her major assignments, access to classroom resources, and receive feedback and grades. As your child's parent/guardian, you can opt into receiving Guardian Summaries on a weekly or daily basis about your child's missing work, upcoming work, and class activity.

    To sign up as a guardian on Google Classroom, please send me an email and request to be added as a guardian.

    Click Here to Find Out More Information About Guardian Summary Emails

  • Just for Fun 📷

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