• Hours

    Monday - Friday
    7:30am - 2:45pm

    • The library is closed for library services if the librarian is not present. 
    • Refer to the weekly schedule on the bulletin board and signs posted on the library front doors for daily schedule information. 
    • Teachers may conduct classes in the library even if the librarian is not present.


    • Student Book Loans: 3 weeks
    • Staff Book Loans: 4 weeks
    • Return books on time and in good condition. 
    • Replacement fees will be charged for damaged or lost materials. See the librarian for more information.

    Passes & Library Visits

    • Students may visit the library during the school day with a pass from their classroom teacher or substitute.
    • If visiting during lunch, students must get a pass from the cafeteria
    • Students must sign in using the computers at the front of the library at the beginning of every library visit.
    • After signing into the library, students must get a pass from the librarian to go to another location, or stay in the library until the bell at the end of the period. 
    • Covered water is the only beverage permitted in the library. FOOD of any kind is NOT permitted in the library.