Research: Getting Started

Research Databases

  • We are proud to provide access to a selection of academic research databases of the same variety that students will be expected to use in college for research assignments. This is an opportnity to get used to going beyond Google for your information.

    Even if your path will not take you to college, learning to get your information from reliable sources is an essential skill that will serve you in business and life in general. Additionally, many of these databases are available to all NJ residents through their public libraries, so you will have access beyond school, whether or not your plans include college. 

    Databases are password protected!

    Click here to access our list of passwords.
    Be sure you are signed in with your SCHOOL email or else you will not be able to see any of the passwords.

EBSCO & Gale

  • EBSCO is a collection of databases on a number of topics. Login Required (see password information above)
    Some of these resources will be available to you even after you leave NHS through your NJ Public Library. 

    • EBSCO Host - search everything
    • Explora - browse for interest and filter for reading level
    • History Reference Center
    • Science Reference Center
    • Biography Reference Center
    • Points of View Reference Center
    • Referencia Latina
    • and much more!

    Gale is also a collection of databases, with different topics. Login Required (see password information above) This is a better resource for beginners, but will not be available to you outside NHS.

    • eBooks
    • Gale in Context: Global Issues
    • Gale in Context: High School
    • Gale in Context: World History

Hamilton Public Library

What is a Research Database?