• Preparing for Read Across America!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 2/24/2020 4:00:00 PM

    In speech group this week we began preparing for the celebration of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America next week!!  In order to be prepared for our activity next week, we read The Lorax!  In Mrs. Beck's class the students followed along as the story was read aloud.  The students described what they saw in the pictures, answered comprehension questions about the story, made predictions as to what may happen next, and discussed the different feelings of the characters along the way in the story.  In Mrs. Breuer's class we did more of a picture walk instead of a read aloud.  We talked about different types of animals, identified things in the forest, talked about feelings (happy, sad, mad), and used describing words to talk about the truffula trees (naming colors, soft, fluffy).  This is a clue for our project for next week!!!  Reading books and doing picture walks is a great way to engage in communication interactions with your children.  You can name vocabulary, talk about feelings, ask "wh" and "yes/no" questions, make predictions and in some cases have your child retell the story to you using the pictures as visual supports!!

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  • The Mitten

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 1/13/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Today in speech group we read the story "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.  The students identified the different types of clothing that we wear in the winter and why we wear them (i.e. We wear a hat to keep our head warm.  We wear socks to keep our feet warm.) We then made predictions about what we thought would happen in the story.  The students learned some new animal names like badger, hedgehog, and mole.  We talked about size concepts big and little.  The students answered who, what, where, and why questions throughout the story.  Mrs. Beck's class then had to work hard to recall the order in which all of the animals went into the mitten.  Mrs. Breuer's class worked on tracing lines to help Nicki (our main character) find his way back to his lost mitten.

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  • Max and Mo Build a Snowman!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 1/6/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Welcome back to school after our wonderfully long winter break!!  We were back to work during speech group today!  Both classes completed the same activity.  We have been talking about winter and things we see in winter, clothes we wear in winter, the cold temperature, and of course SNOW!!  And what do we do with snow? Why we make snowmen!!  The students participated in a read aloud in which we read "Max and Mo Build a Snowman".  It was too cold for Max and Mo to go outside to build their snowman so they got creative and built one out of things in the classroom: white paper, tape, paint, toothpicks, yarn, and seeds.  Since we didn't have any snow to build a snowman the students used some fun snack items to build an edible marshmallow snowman.  The students used a popcicle stick to stack the marshmallows, then added pretzel sticks for arms, M&Ms for eyes, and a candy corn for a nose!!  These snowmen were yummy! They were required to follow directions presented aloud using some of the spatial concepts we have been working on all year.  They all did a great job!!

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  • Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 12/2/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Well I couldn't have planned the weather any better to go with speech group in Mrs. Beck's class!!  We read the story "Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter" as we begin to transition from the fall to winter.  We talked about changes we see to the trees, that the last of the fall flowers have gone, and that the temperature continues to become colder and colder as we prepare for SNOW! Lucky us we had a beautiful display of the changes in weather from rain to snow right before our very eyes!!  The students then transitioned to their desks where they completed a sequencing activity.

    Mrs. Breuer's class was introduced to our new core word of the week "UP".  We read a story about our animal friends climbing "up" a tree and we said "up" each time they climbed.  The students listened to a read aloud of the Dr. Seuss book "A Great Day for Up".  The students were then tasked with building a tower out of blocks and had to make their tower go "up" higher and higher with each block.  It was a great opportunity for language and peer interaction!

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  • Spooky Spider Cookies

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 10/28/2019 3:30:00 PM

    We are getting ready for some Halloween fun!! Today during speech group we made Spooky Spider Cookies!!  The students were given a visual receipe to follow along with their ingredients.  We worked on identifying pictures and matching picture to object, identification of numbers 1, 2, and 3 when following the steps, and worked on making predictions.  The students "read" the directions aloud using both written cues and visual cues and followed the directions with guidance which incorporated concepts "in" and "on".  They used language to request items needed to complete their spider as well as were tasked with making a choice as to what color "eyes" to complete their project.  The best part of all is that they got to munch on their Spooky Spiders when we were finished!!  The receipe was sent home as well!! Enjoy!

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  • Concepts Galore!!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 10/7/2019 3:00:00 PM

    We have been working very hard on building our speech and language skills especially in the area of concepts!  The students have been working on understanding basic concepts and using them to describe as well as to follow classroom directions.  In speech group this week Mrs. Beck's class completed an interactive vocabulary book called "Where is Pumpkin?".  The students were tasked with answering "Where is pumpkin?" and identifying the location of the pumpkin within a picture incorporating fall vocabulary.  The concepts that were focused upon were: in, out, on, off, next to, behind, between (middle), in front, near, under, and over.  The students were then given a pumpkin to hold followed by a direction incorporating one of those concepts.  The rest of the class was then asked to identify "Where is pumpkin?" around their classroom.  They did a great job! Incorporating basic concepts in directions and activities at home is a great way to building on listening comprehension as well as expressive language and increasing mean length of utterance!!


    Mrs. Breuer's class added a new "Word of the Week"....NO! It is a word that each and every one of the knows and uses quite frequently ;)  but today we worked on it in a format designed to teach responding appropriately to yes/no questions.  We read our Word of the Week book that talked about a silly puppy and all of the things he was trying to eat that he should not be eating!  The students had so much fun telling puppy "No puppy!" when he was eating things he was not supposed to!  Picture cards and visual cues for yes and no were used in practicing answering yes/no questions (Does a cow bark? Do you eat socks? Can you eat an apple?).  Answering yes/no questions is a great skill to practice at home!!

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  • It's beginning to feel like fall....maybe?!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 9/30/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Fall is officially upon us, although it continues to feel like summer!!  During speech group today the students in Mrs. Beck's class completed fall themed activities that focused on following directions and categorization.  In the first activity we discussed the fall vocabulary pictured (leaf, acorn, scarecrow, crow, basket) and then the students were tasked with following directions in relation to the pictures (i.e. draw a circle around the leaf). We then discussed some foods that we eat in the fall and some tools that we use in the fall.  The students are learning that although items are different, they do have some things in common.  We were sorting pictures into two categories: foods and tools.  Our students did a fantastic job!!


    Mrs. Breuer's class has a new word of the week!! Our word this week is "open"!! The students read an interactive story about opening presents! They used the picture cues to help them formulate phrases (i.e. "open train", "open dinosaur").  We then identified things around the classroom that we can open: windows, doors, books, a basket, play dough.  They students took turns opening the various items and pairing the action with a word.  ALL of our students said the word "open" in class today!!! It was very exciting!!!

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  • Fall Fun!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 9/23/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Our in class speech groups have been outstanding the past two weeks!! Mrs. Breuer's class has a new word of the week!! Our word this week is "you"!!  We read a book about a monster birthday party. Our monster friend was asking if "you" like things we would see at a birthday party: cake, balloons, presents.  The students did an excellent job!  We then answering yes and no questions using the word "you" while playing with our friends.  The questions were simple: "what do YOU have?", "what do YOU want?".  

    Mrs. Beck's class completed a picture book entitled "Fun in the Fall".  The students identified pictures of objects that we see in the fall and then followed directions to assemble the book and glue the pictures on the corresponding page.  The students did an excellent job coloring, fowwing directions, identifying the pictures, and reading the text!! The books were sent home...ask your child to read the book to you!!

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  • Word of the Week!!! "NOW"

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 9/16/2019 3:30:00 PM

    The word of the week for this week is "NOW".  The students did an excellent job matching our pictures in our word of the week book and imitating the word "Now"!!  Student followed directions for different movements...almost like a Simon Says game.  For example: "Now stand up", "Now touch your head", "Now turn around", "Now sit down".  They did a fantastic job and had fun while learning!! You can use our word of the week "now" in a similar fashion at home when requesting that your child complete a task or during transitions (i.e. Dinner is finished. Now it is time for a bath.) Have fun!!

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  • Welcome Back to School!!!

    Posted by Andrea Bucchere on 9/5/2019 4:00:00 PM

    Welcome back to school for the 2019-2020 school year!!!  I am excited to begin working with all of our Sayen speech kids!!!  It's been a wonderful summer and I can't believe how much everyone has grown!!  It is going to be an exciting school year!! 

    I will be attempting to post weekly on this blog.  I typically post on Monday after we have completed our weekly in-class speech and language lesson.  The purpose is to give you a glimpse into our activity as well as to provide suggestions and ideas for carryover of skills introduced during group to home.  

    Mrs. Breuer's class will continue with our "word of the week" program this year as well as incorporate some fun seasonal, hands-on activities to promote language use, expressive and receptive language development, following directions, and improving utterance length!  Mrs. Beck's class will work on pragmatic/social language activities as well as activities involving concepts, expanding mean length of utterance,  following directions of increasing length and complexity, and improving expressive language!

    I am currently working on scheduling all of the students.  Direct therapy services commence on Friday, September 13, 2019 and conclude on June 8, 2020.  On the first day of therapy your child will come home with a letter indicating the days of the week and times the he/she will be receiving therapy.  As we move through the remainder of the month there may be some changes...what looks good on paper doesn't always play out!!

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