• The Jazz Band meets every Wednesday night from 6:00-9:00.  We work on different types and styles of music that fall under the jazz category.  The Jazz Band is an audition group that performs at concerrs as well as competes at festivals throughout the state. 



  • WIlbur West

    Again- mention of bass being to hot or in Wilbur's words redline.  We will adjust that.  Wants some of notes to be fatter- lead trumpet going into sax soli.  Saxes on the note you land on during the soli.


    Masquerade- Making the staccato notes with more sound.  have two swells during the solo section not just the final one. Intonation.


    Spain- making sure everyone is solid on the main idea of the piece.  Intonation.


    Wants us to mic the flute in Cruisin and Spain.  Wants mic for solos especially saxes.

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  • Dr. Fienberg

    Many Comments about the bass being loud- mainly in Crusin, but in Spain as well. I kow I pushed for the volume when we checked the sound before we started. We will work that out.


    Some intonation issues in Masquerade. Dr. Fienberg brings up great points about anticipating being sharp after Cruisin. Also, talks about making some of our staccato notes a little longer.  We can experiment on 3/4 with that.


    Spain- some intonation in the bones. Also, I think we could be more balanced in the opening section.  Bones were a little loud there.


    Great compliments throughout on ALL solists.  Saxes got to use the microphones- that as a contstant!

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