• Listed below are some reading strategies that we use in class.  As you read with your child at home, you may wish to reinforce them.


    1. Creating Images – Making a picture in your mind while you're reading helps with comprehension.   Choose a page from a story and ask your child to “close your eyes and visualize.”  Ask your child what they saw in their "Mind Movie".


    1. Make Predictions– Good readers stop and make predictions.  Ask your child “What do you think will happen next?”  Keep reading to see if you were correct, or to learn if the unexpected happened.


    1. Monitor Your Understanding– This is helpful especially when you're reading nonfiction.  Check to be sure your child has understood what they've read before moving on.


    1. Summarization – Ask your child if they can tell you what the story is all about.  Emphasize leaving out the details and focusing on the “big picture.”  This is a higher order thinking skill and takes practice!





    Kids reading

    Remember to read at least 20 minutes each night!