Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Miss Goldstein's cell phone policy?
    Please visit the policy page on my website! Thank you!
    (See the link below!)

    What is a POGIL packet?
    "POGIL is an acronym for Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning. It is a student-centered, group-learning instructional strategy and philosophy developed through research on how students learn best." (

    Lessons conducted using the POGIL structure will involve guided inquiry learning with students in small groups of 3-5 students. The teacher will facilitate frequent breaks for review and reflection. These activities guide students through a learning cycle: Exploration, Concept Invention, and Application. These activities have been field tested in order to ensure active critical thinking and achievement of the desired learning goals. 

    Please visit for even more information!

    How do I know my student's GRADEin Miss Goldstein's class?
    Login to view students' grades in PowerSchool! 

    LINK: PowerSchool
     If you have not received your account information, or are having difficulties accessing your account, contact your student's guidance counselor for assistance.

    PLEASE NOTE: Assignments will often be posted before they are due. If a grade is blank (or shows: -- ) it has not been checked/collected yet. If an assignment appears as a link, you can click there for more details about that assignment.

    How do I know if my student has homework or an upcoming assessment?
    Please check out the Calendar section on the course page for information about class tests, projects, homework assignments, and more! I try to update this calendar daily, but it will be updated at least weekly.
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    Where can I find information about required supplies?
    A list of class materials can be found on the subject pages. A 3-ring binder with dividers is strongly suggested, so that students can maintain an organizational system conducive to making their binders a quick-reference guide during homework or study times. The suggested organizational system can also be found on the subject pages.
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    One section of my student's binder says "Do Now/Exit Tickets." What belongs in this section?
    1. Do Nows: 

    Introductory questions or instructions for the students. Do Now questions act as a warm up, enabling students to focus on this class and recall what we did yesterday. (After all, they have at least 6 other classes to worry about!) 

    2. Exit Tickets:
    Exit tickets are one type of a closure activity. They give students a chance to reflect on the information that was covered during a class period, as well as check in to see if they feel confident they have achieved the day's objective. Also, exit tickets provide very important information for the teachers. If students struggle answering these questions, more time and attention is needed on that topic in order to insure students are confident and have mastered the content. Exit tickets may be written or given in the format of an online quiz (see FAQ VII). Sometimes they will be collected or checked, other times we will discuss them in class.

    3. Items 1 and 2 should be dated and in order by date to provide students with the context of the Do Now/Exit questions.

    How can I stay even more informed?
    Like many teachers and coaches, I subscribe to Parents/guardians are welcome to subscribe to their students' class! This will include parents in messages sent out to the class regarding upcoming assignments, in-class assignment reminders, useful links for class and studying, and much more!

    Where do I go to access the online textbook?
    The links and login information for online textbooks are supplied on the Course Page for each class. Online textbooks provide many additional study resources for students and are strongly recommended/encouraged for at home reinforcement of the material covered in the classroom.

    (See the class links below!)

    Where do I go to take online quizzes and/or exit tickets?
    1. Go to Google Classroom and login with your individual student username/password.

    2. Assignments will appear on the "Stream" page.
    3. Click on the link under the title of the Assessment/Exit Ticket that you need to take.
    4. The assessment will most likely open in another window/tab.
    **Please keep in mind that answers are not saved if you navigate away from the assessment in the middle of taking it.
    (See the link below!)

    Where can I find the course syllabus, class documents, instructional PowerPoints, or links to the online text book?
    1. Go to Google Classroom and login with your individual student username/password.

    2. Click on the "About" tab.
    3. Click on the link to Google Drive.
    4. Documents are organized by units/subtopics. 
    (See the links below!)