Class Dojo is a website that we use to encourage good choices, and communication.   Each child is assigned a "monster".  During the day I will display the webpage that shows all of our monsters.  Students will receive or

    lose points based on the choices they make throughout the day.  They can earn points if they work hard in Reading Centers, or lose points if they are not doing what they should.  This applies to the entire day, at the end of the day the student with the most points is our Dojo winner for the day.  They get to choose a coupon for various rewards.  They may choose to have lunch with theteacher, no homework, change seats for the day, sit at my desk for the day, wear the pjs to school, and many more fun things.  
    The best part about Dojo is that parents who sign up can see how their child's day is going by simply logging on.  It will show you how many points your child has, why he/she got them or lost them.  It also allows you to instant message me at any time throughout the day.  Including after school until 5:00 at night.  Therefore if you have homework questions you can message me and I will answer them for you.  If you signed up last year in Kindergarten you do not have to do anything. If not,you will receive log in information on the first day of school.   Below is a short clip to give you more information. 
                                                                                                       Class Dojo Icon