•  Chemistry   2020/21  ( A level)                                    
    Welcome to Chemistry-   Understanding Chemistry can be very interesting in itself but many unrelated careers also benefit from a basic course in Chemistry such as:  combustion analysis for car mechanics,  medicine for sports medical careers, understanding  how cosmetics work in selling cosmetics, forensic detectives,  technical lawyers, and many others.  It is also a required course in college for many majors including some non-technical ones.  Anyway, I hope I can pass along my love of science and Chemistry to all of you. 

    My background is a bit varied. Growing up in Ohio, I worked: as a tire mechanic, printing press operator, busing tables/ washing dishes, temp jobs, customer service at a car dealership, hospital administrator while serving active duty in the Army during the Gulf War,  in-plant chemist at several water treatment plants in Ohio,  sales engineer at Hayward Pools in Elizabeth NJ,  supervisor of an environmental chemistry lab  in Metuchen NJ for several years and finally teaching Physics and Chemistry for the last 25 years here at Steinert. My degree in Chemical Engineering and knowledge of chemistry has helped me in many jobs along the way.

    I really wish I were seeing all of you back in school "in person" but for now, we'll just have to do the best we can starting out this year remotely.  I want you to know that I look forward to helping you through this course, so please speak-up and ask questions if you don't understand something.  I realize that learning this material remotely can make asking questions more difficult. With that in mind, I will be realtively lenient and flexible with grading assignments but  I do ask that you show a good effort!  Even if you don't think they're correct or understand completely, don't leave them blank, show some kind of effort!

    Like anything, the more time you put in, the better you will do. Keep yourself organized with a 3 ring binder system,  pocket folders or whatever system that works for you, but stay organized.  You will need a scientific calculator as well. Your cell phone is fine at home but you will need one for in-school. It doesn't need to be graphing but one that has an EE button would be helpful. We use scientific notation and exponents now and then as well.

    Make -up work-    Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom so check it every day.  If you are ill, have technical issues or can not submit an assignment, please contact me by email at  bcullen@htsdnj.org to be given an extension.  If I don't hear from you,  your grade will be left blank and entered as a "zero" at the end of the marking period. If you can not submit an assignment on Google Classroom for some reason, just send a photo of it with your cell phone to my email address instead.     

    Tests and Quizzes-  Labs , larger assignments, and/or quizes will be counted as formative grades while "end of unit" assessments will count as summative grades.  No extra credit is given so focus on the "regular" credit, turn in assignments, and show a good effort.

    Grading  Policy -  Currently the district mandates all grades be expressed by percentages with final grades corresponding to the following:   unit tests (summative) -   50% of marking period grade
                    quizes/labs (formative)  - 40%,    homework (individual) -  10%

    Grades will be posted to Powerschool every couple days. Please realize that the overall grade at the beginning of the marking period can change drastically until more grades are added.

    Parent Concerns-   Please contact me with any concerns or questions by e-mail at bcullen@htsdnj.org  or leave your phone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I  look forward to sharing my love of chemistry with all you this year and hope that many of you will learn to enjoy this material as much as I do. 

    Sincerely,     Mr. Cullen