• Big Ideas Math Textbook


    You may always access our Blue Big Ideas Math Textbook by using the Student Portal on the Crockett webpage and then clicking onto Clever.


    Take some time to check out the Big Ideas online resources. You may find them very helpful!


    Please be sure to cover your book to avoid fines for damages to your book at the end of the year.

  • HELP??????


    ALWAYS let me know when you need help!


    If I don't clear up your question in class, arrange a time with me to get together for help during lunch.

  • Be Pepared for class ALWAYS!


    You will need everyday:



    * Your Calculator issued by the school


    *Your covered math book


    *Agenda Book


    *2 Pencils sharpened before class starts


    *Math binder


    *Lots of loose leaf notebook paper


    * Colored pen (neither black nor blue) for correcting problems







    Pease be sure to SHOW all of your work! Credit will not be given if complete work is not shown!


    If you write it, you will remember it.


    If you can explain it, you really

    understand it.