You were given a bundle of supplies at our Beep and Greet, and we will go over everything you were given during the first week of school. 

    I have a lot of supplies ready for each of you to have in the classroom when we return to school.  However, in the meantime, I’d like to ask you to gather a few supplies to keep at home during the next several weeks:

    • Basic Supplies:
      • Pencils and a sharpener
      • Crayons
      • A blue pen
      • Earbuds/Headphones 
    • Math Supplies: 
      • 1 -100 page composition notebook
      • Expo marker for your provided white board 

    When the time comes to return to school, here are a few things I would like you to have ready to bring in the classroom: 

    • 1 or 1 ½ inch binder (will hold your agena, pencil case, etc.)
    • 1 soft pencil case that can fit inside your binder



    Specials: 9:35-11:15 (full days) 10:25-11:00 (one session days)

    Monday- Library

    Tuesday- Gym

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Music