• PLEASE log onto google classroom everyday for updates, reminders, and check-ins!!!!!

    Starting Monday, March 30, students will be required to log onto I-ready each and everyday for 30 minutes.  Along with reading and math lessons each student needs to follow the assignment calendar that was provided in their packet along with what is listed on google classroom.  

     *All packets are to be completed and brought back to school when we return. Parents please sign the blue/yellow form (located in the packet) each day of work that is completed at home. 

    -Parents please establish a time each day where your child is working on their packet and learning.

    -Establish a quiet space in the home where they can work 

    -All students have access to Google Classroom through Clever with their Google accounts.

    Please don't forget to sign in to our Daily Attendance Log on Google Classroom


    Welcome to the Fifth Grade, where learning is always happening, and friendships are constantly growing.  

    We are in room 204.

    Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science are the major content areas we focus on during the school day.

    Mon: music, Tues: library, Wed: gym, Thurs: GYM, Fri: art (specials throughout the week) Always be prepared!  


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