Dear B5 families,


       It is so rewarding to see kids realize they can do something meaningful and helpful for others – no matter how small the gesture. The “Bring the Hope” series enlightens kids about volunteerism and organizations that may be brand new to them. Opportunities like these empower children.

       On Friday, January 29th, we read "A Crush" by Cynthia Rylant. The story is of Ernie, a man with special needs, who is quite smitten by Delores, a hardware store employee. This beautiful piece demonstrates how one small moment can be extraordinarily impactful.

      Rylant says she enjoys taking "people who don't get any attention in the world and making them really valuable in my fiction - making them absolutely shine with their beauty!"

      With Valentine's Day on the horizon, several students volunteered to make homemade valentines for people who are in the day program at The Arc Mercer, an organization in our county that helps people with special needs. Those student volunteers will be making 5 cards and simply signing them with their first names. This task is certainly a "team effort" as we need to create 72 cards for our friends at The Arc Mercer. 

      If your child is in a cohort, the cards can be made at home and turned in to B5. The cards can also be made during homeroom prior to first period. If your child is learning remotely, a basket will be placed outside the main entrance for drop off. If neither option is possible, I will make arrangements with parents to pick the cards up from your home.

       This is the 5th year of our annual valentine tradition! A pandemic cannot stop the joy that these cards provide!

        Thanks for your continued support!

                                                Ms. Amy Blair





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