The Search Process

  • Doing research or fact-finding should be approached as a process, as there are steps along the road to discovery.  By learning this process and realizing that along the process of discovery there are many points of frustration before we can create an original product is essential in finding our own unique voice.

  • Information Search Process (ISP)

    "Since its generation the Information Search Process model has been used to examine theoretical concepts within librarianship and information science, as well as to develop practice in diverse contexts including education, work and every-day life information seeking. The literature review shows that the model is used as a framework for understanding central concepts in the librarianship and information science field, such as relevance judgments, task, knowledge construction, affect and information seeking as process. The model is not only valuable as a theoretical construct for examining information behaviour, but also serves as a diagnostic tool for intervention in different information seeking contexts."

    Kuhlthau, C., Heinstrom,  J., & Todd, R. (2008).  The ‘information search process’ revisited: is the model still useful?   Information Research,  13(4).