• Volume 1

    Your child will be receiving an activity book that would normally remain in school, but will now stay home with you during remote learning. The entire book is also available online. Click the image above to view/print pages for review or practice.


    You can click the "Table of Contents" icon at the top and select the unit and lesson we are on. This enables you to view/print the pages we completed in class.


    Click here ------> homework and remembering. You can view/print the page of the unit and lesson we are on.


    Below are all the units we will be completing throughout the year.

     UNIT 1

    Multiplication and Division with 0-5, 9, and 10

    UNIT 2

    Multiplication and Division with 6's, 7's, 8's and Multiply with Multiples of 10

    UNIT 3

    Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    UNIT 4

    Fractions, Time, and Data

    UNIT 5

    Measurement and Fractions

    UNIT 6

    Write Equations to Solve Word Problems

    UNIT 7

    Measurement and Polygons