Local Support Groups

  • Cancer Caregiver Support Group


    Hamilton Township Library
    1 Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Way
    Hamilton, NJ 08619


    Second Wednesday of Each Month
    6:30pm to 8pm


    Karen Neuls (609) 213-9508 or karenneuls@tealwingsofhopefoundation.org

    Bereavement Support Groups

    Good Grief in Princeton is a great non-profit that provides free grief support to parents and children from all ages to young adults.  www.good-grief.org


    Dad’s Support Group

    Held at Mercer County FSO Office

    3535 Quakerbridge Rd / IBIS Plaza ~ Suite 400

    Hamilton, NJ 08619

    2nd & 4th Wednesday each month 6:00-7:30pm

    Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed as a parent? Can your kids’ difficult behavior really push your buttons? Want other fathers to talk to? Come to our father’s group!

    Fathers and grandfathers can freely share their questions, concerns, frustrations, and solutions in a safe, supportive setting.

    Free onsite childcare!

    Padres Grupo de Apoyo

    Reunirse con otros padres que entienden

    Segundo y cuarto Miércoles de 10a-12p

    Mercer County FSO, 3535 Quakerbridge Road

    IBIS Plaza ~ Suite #400, Hamilton, NJ 08619

    "Cuando estoy estresado no me doy cuenta que estoy gritando." Ser padres es una de las tareas más difíciles en el mundo y hay poco o ningún entrenamiento. Las presiones de la vida diaria agregó a las demandas de la crianza de los niños puede causar mucho estrés. A veces tenemos que la tensión sobre nuestros hijos. Este grupo puede ayudar a los padres a mejorar las relaciones con sus familias por compartir recursos, información, pensamientos, ideas y sentimientos en un ambiente seguro y de apoyo.

    (comida y cuidado de los niños son gratis)

    llamar a 609-586-1200 o por correo electrónico info@mercerfso.org)

    Grandparents Support Group

    Held at Mercer County FSO Office

    3535 Quakerbridge Rd / IBIS Plaza ~ Suite 400

    Hamilton, NJ 08619

    2nd and 4th Mondays Each Month 11am-12:30pm

    There are thousands of grandparents in our area who are raising their grandchildren full or part-time. Grandparents are often the safety net for their grandchildren as the children’s parents struggle with substance abuse, incarceration, financial problems, divorce, domestic violence or mental health issues.

    Onsite childcare is available. Those needing childcare must notify us on the Friday prior to group.

    Call 609-586-1200 or email: info@mercerfso.org

    Daytime & Evening Parent Support Groups

    Parents Anonymous Groups

    Daytime Group: Every Wednesday 10:00 AM-12:00 pm

    Evening Group: Evening groups will re-sume in January 2013

    "When I’m stressed out I don’t realize I’m yell-ing."

    Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world and there is little or no training. The pressures of eve-ryday living added to the demands of raising children can cause a lot of stress. Sometimes we take that stress out on our kids. This group can help parents improve relationships with their families by sharing resources, information, thoughts, ideas and feelings in a safe, sup-portive setting.

    Take the first step and contact us today 609-586-1200 / info@mercerfso.org