• Please check out the 5th Grade Party schedule for upcoming events in 5th grade.  

    If possible please send in boxes of tissues.  As cold season approaches we need to do everything we can to combat the germs!  

    **We always need electronic pencil sharpeners.  If you have an extra one please send it in!  Thanks

    Also, Mrs. Balent and myself are running a ticket economy in 5th grade.  The students earn tickets for participation, good behavior, good character and any other reason that we see fit.  As a reward the students are allowed to "shop" for cool stuff with the tickets they have earned on Fridays.  We already stocked the store with all kinds of cool stuff.  There are folders, mechanical pencils, games, footballs, paint kits, binders, erasers, highlighters and many other things available.  If you have anything at home that your not using and feel that it might be a cool prize please send it in!  It is greatly appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance for all of your help and support this year!