• Book Talks

      Welcome to Book Talks!  Each marking period we will focus on different genres.  You will have the entire marking period to read your book and prepare for your talk.  I have provided you with the schedule for the year and the type of books you will need to read.  I do not want you to write a report and read it to the class. Instead I would like each of you to share information about the book you read using only your memory and visual props.  At the beginning of each marking period you will decide which project you would like to create. You can only choose to complete each project once. I am looking forward to learning about many new and interesting books!

      Book Talk Schedule

      Book Talk #1-Due Wednesday, November 12th

      Book Talk #2-Due Wednesday, January 30th

      Book Talk #3-Due Wednesday, April 24th


      Book Talk Genres

      ( You must choose a different genre each marking period)


      Historical Fiction

       Science Fiction



      Realistic Fiction

      Sports Fiction



      Choose one of the following activities that best suits your book.

      1.   Write a three-paragraph essay about the changes in the main character from the beginning to the end of the book. In paragraph one, describe his or her personality at the beginning of the book. In paragraph two, describe his or her personality at the end of the book. In paragraph three, tell what occurred to the make the changes take place.
      2.   Design a T-shirt for your main character that reflects his or her personality.
      3.   Write a dialogue between yourself and the main character. Discuss people, events, and lessons you both have learned from the story.
      4.   Make a diorama of the setting.
      5.   Describe three places where important events took place in the book. If possible, draw a map showing the three locations.
      6.   Choose five to eight of the most important story events and list them in chronological order.  Describe each one briefly.
      7.   Design and produce a new book jacket for the book using a sheet of construction paper folded like a real book jacket. On the front, draw an interesting picture. Write a       summary of the book on the inside.
      8.   Write a letter to the author. Ask him or her questions, share your favorite part, and tell why you liked the book.
      9. Make a large poster to publicize the book.

      10.Write a book review for the newspaper about the book. In addition to describing the book, explain your likes and dislikes.

      11.Write a song or poem that deals with the theme of the book.

      12.Write a quiz on the book. Write five essay questions, beginning with

      the words who, what, when, why, and how. In addition, write ten ^ multiple-choice questions. )

      13.Make an advertisement that will sell the book to one of the following:

      -the owner of a bookstore

      -a reluctant reader

      -other students in the class

      14.Create a book float. Use an empty shoe box covered with construction paper as the base. Decorate the sides with scenes from the book and the top with anything appropriate to the book.

      15.Make a book mobile. For the parts of the mobile use faces of each of the characters with information about each one of them on the back, a drawing of the setting with information about it on the back, and a drawing of an important event or the climax with a description on the back.

      16.Choose the most exciting part (climax) and write it as a newspaper article.

      17.Make a word collage of words and phrases that describes or relates to the story. &

      18.Give an example from your own life that supports or illustrates the main theme or statement from the book.

      19.Make a timeline of the events in the story.

      20.Write about the part that was a.) the most humorous, b.) the saddest, c) the most exciting, d) the most interesting, and e) the part that you liked the best.