• My expectations for this year are listed below:

        1.  Work hard each day and complete homework assignments.

    These two expectations will greatly increase your learning and educational experience for the school year. Students will have homework almost everyday, except for on Fridays.  Homework is designed to reinforce the skills that we have covered in the classroom.  It is checked daily for understanding and will count towards their homework grade. 

    2.  Be willing to THINK and TRY!

    My goal is to get the students to see math in their daily lives and be able to recognize and apply skills accordingly.  Skills and strategies learned in class will be applied to real life experiences.  All students are expected to try their best daily.  Active participation, even if it does not result in the correct answer, will promote positive thinking and success.

    3.  Exhibit positive classroom behavior.  

    All students are required to display appropriate behavior in the classroom.  This includes being respectful to every individual in the classroom including ones self, classmates, and teachers.   At no time should an individual's behavior detract from the learning of another student.