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    COURSE DESCRIPTION                                            Microsoft Visual Basic Studio  Java - Eclipse Compiler

    Grades 9-12       5 credits
    Prerequisite: Algebra IB (90% or higher) or Algebra IA (80% or higher)

    This course will provide an introduction to the computer field including the development of computers, the basic concepts of a computer system, and uses of computers in today's world. This course consists of writing, debugging, and running programs which solve specific word problems. Students will have the experience of operating a computer system using a current computer language. Programs will be written which require students to apply the concepts of assignments, decisions, loops, arrays, matrices, subroutines, sorting routines, and creating, accessing and updating files. Structured programming techniques will be stressed to promote well-written programs. The first semester will cover the learning and application of Visual Basic programming language. The second semester will cover the learning and application of Java programming language.