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    Welcome to Miss Goldstein's Biology Class!

    **NEW! Check out the instructional video links for extra help! (See Links Below.)


    Please make sure that you have joined my Google Classroom page for your class period! 
    ALL of the class PowerPoints, handouts, and assignments will be accessible here.
    (See me for the access code if you no longer have the Remind message that contains your class period's code.)

    Materials Needed for the Course:

    Pens and pencils

    Colored pencils - encouraged, but not required

    THREE RING BINDER (May be used for other classes, but MUST have a section ONLY for Science Class - Sub-divided as follows):

    1. Do Now/Exit Ticket
    2. Notes Section
    3. Classwork/Handouts Section
      • All items should be DATED and kept in order.
    4. Laboratory Section
    5. Biology Homework Folder

    **Notebooks are expected to be kept organized in this manner at all times.

Biology Google Drive Folder