Hi Parents and Students,

            Please view my classroom calendar and google classroom to find all of the work assigned.  All work will be listed in Google Classroom under the lesson plans for that specific day and week.  I will be available to answer any questions you have between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm   The best way to contact me will be via my school email address:  ltisone@htsdnj.org

    Here are the coes for my Third and Fourth Marking Period Google Classrooms 

    The access code for my period 2&3 block is  3as7565

    The access code for my period 5&6 block is  m4valwq

    The access code for my period 8&9 block is   hxjgx27





    Louis Tisone    





    Atom             Atom                      

    Mr. Tisone's Science Lab:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

     Having an updated science notebook is an essential tool in my science classroom.  The science notebook is an essential tool for studying for tests and for completing assignments.  I require students to keep an updated science notebook.   I check science notebooks once a marking period, and the notebook check is worth a test grade, I check science notebooks by assigning a notebook test.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    The information that I require in the science notebook can be found on the wall of my classroom, and also listed online on my website.   All of the assignments on the website can be downloaded and printed out directly from my website.  I start every class with a “Do Now”.  A “Do Now”   is basically a very short activity that students should accomplish within the first few minutes of class. As students walk in my room, my Do Now will be displayed on my smart board.   “Do Nows” and their answers should be written down in their science notebook.    All “Do Nows” should be kept together towards the front section of the science notebook. I will be checking “Do Nows” once a semester, and this check will be worth a quiz grade.    

     Sixth Grade Science Topics Covered:

    • Science & Technology
    • Forces and Energy
    • Astronomy
    • Cells and Heredity  

    What are My Class Rules?

    • Respect yourself, others and all property 
    • Come to class prepared with all materials needed 
    • Raise your hand and wait for permission by teacher to speak 
    • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself  
    • Students will not be permitted to leave the room and return to their locker to get assignments, students must be responsible and bring all needed assignments to class when due.  

     If I Mess Up, What Are The Consequences?

    • A verbal warning and/or seating change.
    • A call home to your parents.
    • Any applicable school-wide consequences

    What Should I Bring Each Day?

    • Your science textbook
    • Your science Notebook
    • Your pencils and/or pens
    • Your Assignment Tablet