Welcome back to the 2021-22 School Year. So great to see physical faces in the hallways, even if they are covered with masks. New updates are coming soon. Below is an additional link to sign in to the library.

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    As we all know, these are challenging times for everyone. The Hamilton High School West Media Center will continue to service our school community as we transition from a fully remote to a hybrid learning environment. To do this we are looking to offer more and more virtual services as we continue to make the necessary modifications in our physical learning space. We will keep everybody informed with the as we more forward. Here are a few notes...

    Summer Reading

    Linked above is the Summer Reading Website. Please use the website to look over the available titles and pick a book that you will enjoy reading. Take some time to look over the summaries and read or listen to some student reviews. Remember to look at the Summer Reading Assignment at the top of the page BEFORE you read the book so that you have an idea of what you are looking for while you read. Don't wait till the last minute and start off the school year missing your first assignment - an easy one.

    IF you need access to the books, I will be available @West on Wednesdays between 9-12, come check out a book or hang out! Also, check out the Sora online reading app for the summer reading titles as well as many other great reads to enjoy over the summer. Directions are below. It's really easy. Download the app and sign in using your school email. 

    Hope you all enjoy reading over the summer!

    Summer Activities

    Van Slooten "Think Tank" is on Wednesdays between 9am and 12pm

    Hamilton West will be hosting community activities this summer from July 6th to August 5th. Please come and visit the library and engage in various types of activities. We will begin with a Murder Mystery session. After that, activities will be student-directed. We can read or write poetry, talk about books, movies or just what is going on in the world. The whole world has changed so much, come meet up, reflect and talk about nonsense. 

    If you are interested you are welcome to show up on Wednesdays. Please join my Google Classroom so we can develop a means of communication that can expand outside of our weekly meetings. The Google Classroom code is: nc5nlss



    For the past few years we have been looking for ways to increase our students access to reading materials. Over the course of the summer the school librarians began working together to form a new collection of online books that could support our digital database collection as well as the physical collection that our Libraries provide. The High School and Middle School libraries have decided to develop and share our collections as we begin to build a digital collection that can be read from your phone or device by downloading the Sora App or from your computers by accessing the Sora Website. Below are a list of tutorials that will help students get started or learn how to use the advanced function. Please email Mr. Van Slooten (gvanslooten@htsdnj.org) with any questions.

    For the Quick "Jump Start Tutorial Click HERE


     Please Click on the following link to recommend a book OR a type of book that you would like to read in the new digital library: ONLINE RECOMMENDATION LINK



    • If students or staff would like book, please search the catalog below and e-mail me (gvanslooten@hamilton.k12.nj.us) the books that you would like to take out. I will put a box at the main entrance that contains the student work on Mondays. It will have all of the books that have been requested with a copy of the e-mail of your request. Please make sure you take the right books!!!
      Thanks to the Coronavirus over 450 Manga Volumes are Now Free to Read Online - SoraNews24
      Junior Libary Guild is offering free ebook access as well FREE EBOOKS


    • The library will NOT hold hours until informed otherwise.
    • If students need help or one-on-one instruction please feel free to e-mail me and we can organize a GoogleMeet, Hangout or I can record an answer in Screencastify. Remember I am here to help with any technology issues, research, college application AND will continue to set aside books in the collection for checkout.



      • Resources for Scanning Document and Uploading to Classroom, Drive, Gmail
      • Adobe Scan is currently free and Nottingham's Librarian, Ruth Quiles has shared her tutorial in Google Slides - check it out.
      • CamScanner is a tool recommended to me by the illustrious Lynn Simon-Estepp - an EdTech Pro. I linked a video tutorial.

      • If you have individual questions feel free to e-mail me and we can organize a Google Hangout.
      • I am regularly checking e-mail and am flexible in organizing a meeting.



    • In case you lost it here is the link to some great Online Learning Resources compiled by our Tech Facilitators 
      • If you need additional help with any of these, please feel free to come to the Media Center during the hours above or contact me via e-mail.
    • Hamilton Public Library offers a host of resources and links
    • Ms. Quiles at Nottingham has a great list of "Subject Area Resources"
    • Steinert's Librarian, Ms. Rogers also has a nice list of resources on her website
    • Look at "My Resources" section for some of the Resources provided for at Hamilton West
    • To access to my online catalog for books click on the link to the catalog lower on the page.





    We are excited about the new changes going on in the high school media centers throughout Hamilton Township. The Hamilton West High School Library is excited about the beginning to the 2019-20 school year. We are adding more furniture that will provide the student at West with a comfortable learning environoment that will support their individual education needs as well as district level initiatives.


    • e-Sports

    Competitive video gaming has quickly risen to the ranks of "real sports" in many of the ways that count. These include big name sponsors, competitive pro leagues, college competitions and, in 2017, more global viewers than the 2016 NFL regular season

    E-sports is also big business, making money from investments, branding, advertising and media deals. The number of college scholarships and careers related to esports is also growing quickly. Because of this, many high school teachers, students and administrators are thinking about how to start an esports team at their school. The process can be quite easy. Plus, starting an esports club can deliver some major benefits.

    This article gives you a step-by-step plan for starting a high school esports team and takes a look at the how having a team will benefit your school and its students. We’ll also provide resources for finding tournaments, supporting your club and thinking ahead about college scholarships.

    • Virtual Reality

    The Media Center is introducing a new cart of 20 Virtual Reality Goggles to take students out of the classroom into a new virtual world. These headsets offer many possibilities including virtual field trips to museums, historical sites or even inside the human body.  Wow, learning is becoming FUN!




    Online Catalog


    Please Click on the LINK for our Online Catalog