• Welcome To Internet Concepts & Web Design

    Internet Concepts/Web Page Design is a semester course offered to students in grades 10 through 12 by the Business and Information Technology Department. This course will provide students the opportunity to become proficient in the following Internet topics: ethical use of the Internet, web terminology, web browsers, e-mail/newsgroups, up/downloading, and Boolean and natural language search methods. In addition, students will have the opportunity to design and create simple to complex web sites using Microsoft Expression Web. Students will complete projects using hands-on application of teacher-prepared activities using recent software. 
    The course is designed to introduce students to web page design for both the Internet and an in-class Intranet, which the students will design. Students will learn HTML code structures and web design language, which will allow them to design web pages. Students will use skills learned in the class environment to update and maintain an actual Internet Web Site. The HTML language is a very simple language and is easy for the average student to learn. Upon completion of this course, the average student will be able to design, maintain, upgrade, and modify Internet/Intranet Web type documents. In addition, students will learn fundamental computer programming and operating skills. These skills can then be applied to other, higherlevel programming languages, other computer-related courses, the school environment, and the workplace.

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