• Welcome To Introduction to Business

    Introduction to Business is a full-year course designed to introduce the student to the environment of business. Students will begin by examining the world of business and how the economy affects their lives. Ethical and social responsibility issues will be discussed, followed by the increasing importance of international (global) business. Practical aspects of business will be examined: How businesses are owned, issues related to ownership, particularly small businesses, entrepreneurship and franchises. Management functions involved in developing and operating a business will be explained as well as creating a flexible organization and producing quality goods and services. The course will also examine human resource efforts organizations utilize to hire, develop, and retain their best employees along with employee motivation and satisfaction. Marketing will be in detail--marketing mixes, marketing environment forces, marketing plans, and buying behavior along with the four elements of a marketing mix: product, price, distribution and promotion. Students will learn how business firms use social media to build relationships with customers and promote their products and services. There will also be investigation of how companies use e-business to reduce expenses and increase sales and profits. Students will also examine the role of management information and how accounting is used to improve managerial decisions. 
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