Course Syllabus - US History 2 2019-2020-Remote Learning

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    Dear Parents, 

    All worksheets to guide instruction will be given to your child in a folder labeled US History 2.  The worksheets should be used to guide their instruction online.  All the links to the resources that accompany these worksheets are listed on the syllabus below. The dates indicate a week of activities.  Our class has a google classroom and all assignments will be posted in google classroom daily.  Google classroom can be hard to follow if students do not login daily.  So, please use the syllabus posted below if there is confusion about what assignments to complete. I also encouraged students to use the "calender" in google classroom because all assignments with due dates will be there to indicate a due date. All assessments will appear in google classroom.  Students have been taking these assessments all year and know how to use them. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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  • US HISTORY II – Syllabus

    US History & Geography @ 2012 - Chapter 14 + 16-31

    US History AGS@2001 Chapters 22 - 31


    This course, United States History II, is a requirement for High School graduation. It includes the study of political, social and economic changes that have occurred in the United States from 1890's to the present.

    This course has been designed with the expectation that current events will be an integral part of the whole rather than a separate segment. African-American history, multicultural studies, New Jersey history, local history, career education, and global studies have been infused with United States history throughout the course.

    United States History II is the continuation of United States History I, which is mandated by the State and completed in 10th grade.





    Topics to be covered

    1st Marking Period




         WWII - Post War America 

         Korean War 

    2nd Marking Period



         The Cold War Begins 

         1950's Society 

         New Frontier and Great Society 

    3rd Marking period




         Civil Rights Movement 

         Vietnam war 

         Nixon Years 

         Women's Rights / Chainco Movement / Counter Culture       

    4th Marking Period



         The New Conservative 1980's -Reagan 

         Clinton Years 

         New Millenium (Bush and Obama) 

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