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    Our first meeting was on Monday, September 30

    We learned the traffic pattern and began to discuss the basic flight instruments.  Our mission for this meeting was three successful takeoffs, climbing to and maintaining traffic pattern altitude each time, and three successful landings.

    Our upcoming meetings are:

    Monday, October 7
    Monday, October 21
    Monday, October 28
    Monday, November 18
    Monday, November 25
    Monday, December 9
    Monday, December 16
    All meetings are from 3:00 to 4:30 in room B107.






    During the 2017-2018 school year...

    We used a sectional chart and a plotter to plan a VFR flight.

    VFR Flight Planning


    VFR Flight Planning


    VFR Sectional


    VFR Flight Planning



    We learned about radio communication and air traffic control.

    We learned about the power curve.

    We practiced some of the tutorials and lessons that are provided in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    We began to learn how to communicate on the radio including the ICAO alphabet.

    We learned about crosswind landings and sideslip maneuvers.  


    We learned about aerodynamics, the control surfaces of an airplane, and the flight instruments.