Reynolds Media Center


    Remote Learning Resources:

    Hamilton Township Public Library - Access to online and digital resources available for cardholders.  In addition, many links available to websites for children, teens, and adults that do not require a library card for use. Free WiFi available in parking lot!

    Our Follett ebook collection email Mrs. Porcella for your username and password.


    Our Mission

    The library media program has been developed to provide assistance to students and staff as they become effective users of resources, ideas, and information. The program will promote in our youth the powers of literacy and competency to function effectively in the workplace. Since classrooms cannot serve as the repositories of all the information students will need to successfully complete their assignments, an instructional partnership between the library media specialist and the faculty is likely to develop. Media specialists provide and organize cost-effective systems of information, databases, and literary resources for student access. In addition, the library media center program provides students and staff with a wide variety of literary experiences. We recognize the essential role of the library media program in the educational process as a catalyst for all academic instruction and a dynamic force for excellence in education.


    The Media Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and provides students with the necessary resources to successfully complete school assignments as well as select materials for personal enjoyment.  

    The print collection is referenced through our automated card catalog / circulation system and houses over 22,000 books, magazines, and other resources.  In addition, students have access to a growing collection of electronic databases, secure Internet, and e-books which provide them with the most up-to-date research materials.

    Books may be borrowed for a three week period.  Students are responsible for returning books in a timely manner and a fine of 5 cents per day is levied on overdue books.  When a student needs to use the library, he must get permission from the classroom teacher and then present a pass upon entering the media center.

    An effective library media program is an integral part of the total educational process, teaching students the basic skills necessary to connect them with information and ideas in all subject and interest areas.  Reynolds Media Center's goal is to develop skills that will provide students with the necessary information to reinforce the value of literacy and life-long learning.

    Happy Reading !