Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert Stives

I am currently teaching Photo Technology 1 and Photo Technology 2 here at Steinert High School.

    To: Photo Technology Students of  Steinert High School


I’ve been thinking a lot about the students of Photo Technology 2020-21 and how this global moment will forever shape their lives. Your photographs will provided a look at how friends and classmates are attempting to navigate their new normal. You will learn skill sets dealing with directing the entire shoot: from scouting locations, setting up the camera, checking the back of the camera and reposing until you are satisfied with the shot. Going forward remember that there are things in life that you cannot prepare for. You are the Generation Pandemic, I wish nothing but the best for this upcoming year. I look forward to seeing you wether it be in person or remotely, as we deal with the impact of the pandemic on the upcoming school year and focus on this crisis through the lens of our cameras. It is what you take away from an event that determines how you grow, learn, and challenge yourself during those times, that is what matters. You stepped into the world as it was starting to fall apart, Generation Pandemic will have a vastly different perspective than that of people just a few years ahead and behind you.






                                    Robert Stives